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6 Ways You Didn’t Know You Could Use WD-40

6 Ways You Didn’t Know You Could Use WD-40


Today started early (like ridiculously early) but, it was for a good reason.

I woke up at 2:00 in the morning for no good reason and tried to get back to sleep for about an hour. Then I realized, everyone else in the whole house was asleep and I could be alone for a few hours.

So, I grabbed my pillow and blanket and went out to the living room to curl up on the couch. I sat in the dark drinking coffee and scrolling mindlessly on my phone. It was the best three hours I’ve had in a long time.

Do you ever feel guilty for just really enjoying being alone?

Whey my kids get mad at me they will say, “Mom, you need to go to timeout!”

And, my only response is, “Good.”

Being an introvert and having three kids and a husband is a serious challenge. I’m always torn between needing time alone and needing to be available to everyone for everything.

Balance? What Does That Even Mean?

As a woman, I think it’s really important to define what you feel is “self-care” and try to work it into your schedule.

For me, self-care is time alone. That’s how I recharge my batteries. Spending time alone (away from my kids & husband) fills me up. It puts me in a good mood and I’m able to be more patient and kind.

That might make me sound like a jerk. But, it’s something that I know about myself. I want to be loving and kind when I am with them. That means that I need to spend time away from them.

So, I try to find little moments in my week where I can spend time alone. I do things like read a book, scroll on my phone, and write in my journal. Nothing exciting. It’s really just the peace that I love.

I’m talking like actually getting away from things for 30-minutes and being alone. Locking yourself in the bathroom with a box Girl Scout cookies is more about survival than self-care.

Self-Care Doesn’t Have To Be Indulgent

For other women, self-care might be shopping with a girlfriend, chatting over a cup of coffee or even going to the gym. The point is, it’s important to find those activities that make you feel joyful and work those into your schedule.

You go through your days with so many people asking for something from you. Not to mention the pressures and expectations that you put on yourself. Creating space for those moments where no one is asking for anything from you can be vital to your overall mental and emotional health.

Plus, it will protect your relationships with the people you love. Ever feel like all you’re doing is yelling all day? Yeah, that’s a good indication that you need a damn break.

And, for those moments when you a seriously irritating task, see if one of these WD40 hacks will help!

Spray It Into Your Toilet Bowl To Break Down Stubborn Stains Without Scrubbing

I have two boys and one girl who share a bathroom and I can vouch for this one 100% – I don’t even have a toilet scrubbing brush anymore!

Found from: Lifehacker

Remove Crayon Marks From Any Surface Including The Walls Without Damage

If you have kids you know that sometimes those white scrubber pads don’t work to get the crayon smudges off of the walls but, WD-40 totally does!

Found from: Real Simple

Protect Your Glass Shower Doors From Water Stains And Build Up

We don’t have glass shower doors but, I did use this on the bathroom mirror and it’s been several weeks since I’ve had to scrub toothpaste build-up off of the glass.

Found from: Ippinka

Easily Re-use Glass Jars Or Plastic Bottles By Completely Removing The Labels

Re-using glass jars and plastic bottles is a great way to help the environment and save money on storage containers. But, you definitely want to be able to take the original labels off before you put the new food or items in them. For instance, I used to take my morning coffee to work in an empty spaghetti sauce jar – it had a lid and it fit in the cupholder of my car! But, I didn’t really want that Prego label on there while I was drinking the coffee 🙂

Found from: Tutorial Geek

Easily Remove Gum From The Bottom Of Your Shoe And Avoid Disgusting Clean Up

It’s a heck’uva lot faster than waiting for ice to freeze it solid!

Found from: 1000 Life Hacks

Remove Lipstick Stains From Clothes That Have Already Been Washed And Dried

Since I hate cleaning I'm always looking for hacks and way that I can get things done faster than the norm. These simple tips for ways to use WD-40 not only work but, they really surprised me!
WD-40 is one of those things that we always have in the house but, I don't think much of it. Then, I started a little experiment to see how much faster I could get a few cleaning related tasks done and WD-40 blew me away!

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