33 Genius Ways To Hide Things From Your Nosy Kids

Learning ways to hide things from my kids is probably one of the best skills I’ve learned, so far.

My only daughter and oldest child is going to be 12 in a few months

She is at an age where she sometimes thinks she’s grown and forgets that she is lumped into the category of “kids” with her little brothers.

I was driving her to her acting class tonight and we got into a conversation about making sure her brothers don’t get into things.

Her brothers are seven and eight years younger than she is. She’s got things in her room that they could break or get hurt by. Or, destroy my brand new bed sheets (oil pastels).

I had to laugh out loud when she was telling me about how frustrated she gets when they get into something she has told them not to touch.

I said, “Oh, you mean like when you take the scissors out of the junk drawer and don’t put them back? Even after I have asked you at least 700 times to put them back where you found them.”

(I honestly think I have purchased at least 40 pairs of scissors in the last year and no one can find any of them.)

She got huffy with me like it’s not exactly the same thing. And stopped talking.

I said, “Look, baby, the fact is if the boys know that there is something in your room that they are not supposed to touch …. the only thing they will want to do that day is touch it”

Following Their Rules

As parents (or big sisters), I think it is our responsibility to interact with our kids (or siblings) according to the rules that they set.

My daughter has set a rule that she cannot be trusted to bring back the scissors after she has used them. Which is why I have a special pair of scissors hidden in my bathroom that she will never know about.

Her brothers have set a rule that they cannot be trusted to not touch something that is within touching reach. Which is why she needs to put everything that she doesn’t want them to touch up and out of their reach.

It’s kind of a systems approach to family and interacting. You can’t change another person‘s behavior. You can only change your reaction to their behavior.

I think as parents it’s very easy for us to get wrapped up in the goal of changing behavior.

But in actuality parenting really is a method for influencing decisions that elicit different behavior.

That Doesn’t Mean Not Setting Boundaries

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to raise a bunch of jerks who never bring the scissors back and always touch stuff they’re not supposed to.

My kids have consequences for not following the rules. But I don’t fool myself into thinking that I am in control of their behavior.

They are their own people. And they have to face the consequences of the decisions that they make.

After we talked about it a little bit more, I shared a secret with my daughter about how to handle the situation with her brothers.

I told her, “If you don’t want them to touch something. Hide it.“

This concept made perfect sense to my almost 12-year-old and she had a whole brainstorm of places where she could hide her things.

But, as parents, this can be a difficult task. Where in the home can something be hidden where kids don’t go or wouldn’t snoop?

Being a parent means being held to a higher standard of existence by our kids. It's a lot of pressure. After all, we're still human even though we are parents. Some days, you need to be able to hide gifts or dangerous things from your kids for their own good.

33 Ways To Hide Things From Your Nosy Kids


Tell them it’s spicy and don’t bother hiding it

Tell them it has nuts in it

Hide chocolate in the freezer in an empty bag of frozen peas

Hide your goodies in plain sight inside a small appliance that never gets used

Tell them it has caffeine in it

Use an empty tampon box to stash your candy bars

Stuff the pockets of the jackets and shirts in your closet with wrapped goodies.

Empty cans or containers in the garage or laundry room

In the bottom of a box of shredded wheat

In your underwear drawer

In your paperwork box

In your car

In your coupons shoebox


Inside of empty luggage

At a friends house

In the trunk of your car

In your office at work

Inside of kitchen pots and pans

In the crawlspace

In the attic

In a storage unit

With your cleaning supplies

In boxes marked tax receipts

In a brand new garbage can in the garage


In that bag in your bathroom cabinet that has the curlers in it that you never use

In a stuffed animal that sits on top of your dresser

In a throw pillow that zips and unzips

In a safe in your master closet

In a backpack that hangs on a hanger in your closet

In a false bottom of your dresser or side table drawer

In the gun cabinet

In a locked hope chest at the foot of your bed

In the tampon box next to the chocolate


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