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7 Ways To Master The Warm Minimalism Design Trend in Your Home

The warm minimalism design trend has been growing in popularity. But, what is the difference between warm minimalism and “regular” minimalism? 

The whole concept of minimalism is pretty simple. Only keep items in your home that bring you joy. If you’ve seen the Marie Kondo series on Netflix, then you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, I suggest you go and watch it immediately. 

Most of us want to minimize clutter and that is what draws us to the minimalism concept. I mean, no one wants a perpetual mountain of laundry that never goes away. 

But, like many things, this very simple concept can be made very complex by overthinking it. And, what do you get when you have someone overthinking the concept of minimalism? Well, at least from a home decor perspective, you have a very cold and uninviting room with almost nothing in it. 

From this overthinking comes the new-ish warm minimalism design trend. This is the idea that you can design a minimalist home that feels warm and cozy. And, if you’re wondering how that can be accomplished, read on my friend!

Focus on the Walls

When you are thinking about items to hang on the walls in your home, you don’t want to pick things just for the sake of filling up the wall space. In fact, the warm minimalism design trend is rooted in adding texture and depth to a space with as few pieces as possible. So, look for tapestries, art, or a beautiful mirror that draw attention and become the focal piece of the room. Again, make sure the piece is something that brings you joy and that you feel happy about when you see it. 

Simple Not Boring

The color palette for minimalist design is completely monochromatic but, that doesn’t mean it needs to be flat or cold. You can choose items that are monochromatic in color but, very rich in texture. For instance, items that are made from natural grain wood or copper. If you have a simple sitting area with a single sofa, wood table and copper lamp the area is minimal but, still inviting because of those warmer earth tone textures of wood and copper. 

Don’t Forget The Layers

A minimalist home doesn’t mean a home that is not functional. In fact, adding things like drapes, throws, and floor pillows is a great way to master the warm minimalism design trend without cluttering things up or making the space “stuffed”. It’s really all about how you feel being in the space. If you feel overwhelmed and easily distracted then, the space is too cluttered. But, if you feel happy and inspired then you have nailed the warm minimalism design trend. 

Add Subtle Patterns 

Using something like removable wallpaper and large area rugs can bring life to a room and really help to capture the warm minimalism design trend. If a bedroom has a bed with under storage for clothes, a couple of plants, and a beautifully patterned area rug it will warm and cozy without having so much clutter and stuff that it feels overwhelming. 

Add Some Warmth With White

Again, it’s easy to overthink the concept of minimalism to the point that you end up with something that feels like a doctor’s examination room. But, that’s not what the philosophy is really all about. It’s more about feeling more about less. And, while the monochromatic color palette is preferred for traditional minimalism design, there are so many different shades of white! You can use one that has some warmth and brings a more inviting tone into the space. 

Play With Light

Adding light to any room will usually bring more warmth almost instantly. But, since LED lights are the most popular choice these days, your room can end up just having a cool blue tone. While that is energy-efficient, it isn’t necessarily warm and inviting. Instead, choose a few lamps to add low wattage Edison bulbs. This will bring warm lighting to a few areas of the home and balance out the blue tone of the LEDs. Plus, if you have some nice textures and patterns from area rugs and wall hangings, the warm lighting will bring it all together. 

Make A Statement

Choose one item in each room and make it a bright warm color. For instance, a single red wall, a camel dresser, a large area rug with yellow tones. Adding a single focal point that is a shade of warm will transform the room into an inviting and cozy space that pull people in. Plus the single colored item will be a focal piece against the predominately monochromatic palette. 

Minimalism doesn’t have to mean sparse, cold or flat. You can create a very welcoming home that just has far less stuff and clutter than it did before by using these ideas inspired by the warm minimalism design trend. 

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