The great thing about these USA hot springs is that you can visit them year-round. Have you ever sat in a hot spring in the snow? Heaven. 

We love road tripping with our kids. And, we would much rather take a tour of west coast US Post Offices than take a trip to a theme park. 

So, looking for and planning special tours that we can do together is so much fun. We have another plan for taking a tour of small towns and another one for castles. (Which is so amazing because I didn’t even know that the States had castles!)

Of course, we would love to take a trip overseas. But, for now, we’re having so much fun learning more about our home the good ‘ol US of A. 

Travertine USA Hot Springs

Bridgeport, California

Riverbend Hot Springs Resort and Spa

Truth or Consequences, NM

Chena USA Hot Springs Resort

Fairbanks, AK

Arizona Hot Springs

Las Vegas, NV

Goldmyer USA Hot Spring

North Bend, Washington

Strawberry Park Hot Springs

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Jordan USA Hot Springs

Silver City, New Mexico

Jerry Johnson Hot Springs

Elk City, Idaho

Granite USA Hot Springs

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

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