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5 Easy Ways To Be A Crunchy Mom – Without Going Overboard

I have always wondered what it would be like to be a crunchy mom. Like, a full-on, 100% all organic make your own baby food from blended kale & herbal tonics kind of mom.

I used to be a practice manager for a holistic clinic. Our docs were all Naturopaths and they specialized in treating cancer with botanical medicine and nutrition.

When I first started the job I knew a little bit about clean eating and living a healthy lifestyle.

But, the way that my co-workers and their families lived it was on a whole other level. These were the folks who taught me to drink pine syrup for a cough and put cloves of garlic in my kids’ ears when they had an infection.

I had a serious awakening when I worked there about what grows from the Earth and how we can use it to heal.

I never could commit 100% to their level and be a crunchy mom to the extreme.

I remember going on a group outing for a team building exercise and watching this one mom follow her 2-year old around with a jar of baked and sprouted cashews. I didn’t even know you could bake a cashew.

She would chew up a cashew and then scrape the paste off of her tongue and smear it on the kid’s tongue. She said he hadn’t reached his daily value of magnesium.

I only had one kid at the time and I couldn’t imagine following her around all day trying to shove enough food down her throat to meet the daily recommended values of anything.

Now I have three kids and, of course, I want my kids to be nourished and healthy. I want them to have good eyesight and growth. I want them to be smart and communicate well.

I guess Flinstone vitamines ain’t gonna cut it, huh?

A solid meal plan and some Juice Plus supplements will just have to do because I’m definitely not going to try and bird-feed my kids their trace minerals.

I did learn a few things that help me to be a crunchy mom

I remember when I first started my job at the clinic, I scheduled one-on-one meetings with each of the doctors to introduce myself and learn about their priorities for the clinic.

We had beautiful conversations and, at the end of each meeting, I asked them all the same question. “If there was only one thing you would recommend that I go out and buy right now to improve my health what would it be”?

Every one of them said coconut oil.

This is the reason that I don’t think coconut oil is a ‘fad’ and anyone who says it is – needs to do some research. It’s probably the most versatile substance on the face of the planet.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a full-on level six crunchy mom. I let my kids eat Cheetos when we’re road tripping and there are definitely some serious chemicals involved when we have a lice outbreak in the house.

But, when something works and comes highly recommended by legit professionals .. I listen.

I use coconut oil in my home every day. I’m all about anything that is inexpensive and efficient. What could be more so than buying one container of a product that can be used in *literally* every room of the house!?!

These are just a few of the ways that I use coconut oil in my home:


I never wear makeup anymore. I am naturally beautiful and don’t need it (I’m really just lazy and would rather use that time for having an extra cup of coffee while browsing HuffPo.)

But, every night before I go to bed, I use a dab of coconut oil to “wash” my face. Basically, I just put a bit in my hands, rub together to soften it, and smear it all over my face and forehead.

Then, I use a washcloth or an exfoliating sponge and some face wash to clean everything. I’m 38 and the oldest of three girls but, I am always mistaken for being the youngest (he he he … sorry sissies!!)

***Please note – for any of you reading this who call bullshit and are screaming in your head that it will clog your pores … guess what? Everyone has different skin types! Crazy, right? This is what works FOR ME. And, possibly, for some of you who have dry skin.

Moving on …


I don’t love cooking. In fact, having an awesome meal plan is pretty much the only way that I get through each week. But, I do like baking and I have experimented a bit with coconut oil for baking and pretty much everything that I have made has turned out amazing (I don’t dig baking with coconut flour. I’m not experienced enough (I guess?) to make things that taste edible when working with coconut flour. But, coconut oil is pretty great).

I made deviled eggs once with coconut oil and they were pretty disgusting. I mixed the melted oil in with the egg yolks (instead of mayo). But, coconut oil solidifies when it cools. So, the yolk cream on the half-egg white was solid and that was nasty.

But, I do use coconut oil to make scrambled or over-medium eggs pretty much every day and anytime a recipe calls for olive oil or veggie oil I always look up a substitution for coconut oil.

General Health

I had terrible psoriasis (VERY dry skin) when I was young and coconut oil was recommended as part of the protocol – both internal and external applications.

I don’t take the other herbs that were recommended anymore but, I do notice that in the winter when the air is dry I will get a big flare up of psoriasis on my scalp.

I start eating a tablespoon of coconut per day and doing a scalp mask with it once a week and the psoriasis clears right up.

Diet And Nutrition

Because of my Kapha Dosha (Ayurveda Medicine) I tend to get candida flare-ups pretty regularly. Things like sinus infections, thrush, and psoriasis are all part of an overgrowth of candida. It’s important for me to have on-the-go snacks so my blood sugar doesn’t get too low too.

I am an emotional eater and will start throwing down the Little Debbie snacks when life gets a little overwhelming. Um, daily … come here swiss cake rolls!!

This has lead to adrenal fatigue. So, I have to do sugar detoxes when I let things get out of control. Eating a tablespoon of coconut oil during the process makes the cravings non-existent.

Carrier Oil

Anytime that I need a carrier oil for applying essential oils directly to skin – I always use coconut oil. I have found that it is the one that agrees most with my kiddos’ skin.

They are all highly-prone to contact dermatitis from lotions, detergents, etc. And, using the coconut oil is a safe way that I have found to put the oils on their skin. Plus, I always have it handy. 

I don’t regularly buy grapeseed oil or any of the others that are recommended

There are a million other uses for coconut, these are just a few of the ways that I use it.

Have you ever read about the benefits of coconut oil? What are some of your favorite ways to use it at home?


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