7 Surprising Items Sold At Warehouse Stores That Are Not A Bargain

Making a trip to shop warehouse stores is part of our new routine. Working from home means we can pick up and move if and when we want to. So, we’re on an adventure right now, and we are trying out living in a small town in northern California.

There’s a three-room schoolhouse for the kids to go to and it’s the same three-room schoolhouse that I went to when I was in elementary school.

The redwoods are eight miles up the road and we can walk to the one of the top ten cleanest rivers in the country.

The only challenge is … the nearest grocery store is 22 miles away and the nearest anything else is two-hours away.

Needless to say, I have been leaning on my meal planning and home organization “skills” a lot more than I usually would.

One thing that we do now that we didn’t do before is shop warehouse stores. We never really thought about it before because I would go shopping once a week and, if I missed something or we ran out sooner than I planned, we would just run up to the grocery store that was 5-mins from our house.

But, with our current living situation, having the option to shop warehouse stores has been a lifesaver. Yes, we have to drive two hours to get to one. But, we can go all month without needing certain items. So, it’s worth it.

There’s really nothing worse than running out of toilet paper and living 22-miles from the nearest grocery store. But, there are other items that are totally not worth buying when I shop warehouse stores.

Don’t Buy These 7 Items Sold At  Warehouse Stores

It’s easy to get seduced by the labels when you shop warehouse stores. They strategically break down the price per item in the unit so you know you’re getting 95 bottles of Elmer’s glue for $0.27 each.

But, unless you’re a schoolteacher or a mom who REALLY loves making slime, you’re not going to use 95 bottles of Elmer’s glue before it goes bad.

You have to be thinking about what kind of deal you can get on the items that you and your family actually NEED.


I eat a handful of mixed nuts as a snack everyday. But, it still makes more sense for our budget if I buy a bag of mixed nuts from the grocery store than when I shop warehouse stores.

First, I haven’t seen a bag of mixed nuts, only single nuts. So, I would have to buy a bag of each kind and mix them together. Plus, most nuts only stay good for about six months before they start to get rotten.

Nuts naturally are very high in oil and fat and that means they can turn rancid and start to rot. If you do decide to buy nuts when you shop warehouse stores, make sure to keep them in the freezer and refill a smaller container over and over again.


If you have a huge family and you each eat two to three eggs per day, then buying eggs when you shop warehouse stores makes perfect sense.

But, if you’re a family with an average usage of eggs, buying them when you shop warehouse stores is going to be a waste. Eggs will last about three weeks in the fridge. So, if you and your family can eat that huge stack of eggs within three weeks – go for it girl!

If not, back away and buy your eggs at the grocery store where they come in a smaller package.


It can seem like you’re being proactive by buying that giant package of sunscreen when you shop warehouse stores. But, unless your family has a boat or beach house and is outside in the sun a bunch, that giant package of sunscreen is going to be a waste of money.

Of course, as with any purchase you make when you shop warehouse stores, you can always share the love and give a bottle or two of the sunscreen away to family and friends.


My sister and her husband love cooking. They’re always entertaining and having backyard barbeques. So, they buy things like salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder when they shop warehouse stores.

For me, I hate cooking and would rather just be invited to one of their dinners. So, I don’t buy spices when I shop warehouse stores. They only keep their flavor for six months in the pantry and there’s no way I’m going through a bottle of onion powder in six months.

Olive Oil

My mom is famous for this one. She’ll buy a jug of olive oil when we shop warehouse stores and then not open it for months. By the time she does finally open it, she only uses a few teaspoons before it’s rancid and has to be thrown out.

If you have a food truck or you make soap – then, yeah, I think an olive oil purchase when you shop warehouse stores makes perfect sense. But, if you’re just using it for every day, probably better to just grab a bottle from the grocery store.

Brown Rice

Those 25lb bags of brown rice might seem like a good idea. I mean, you’ve got an Instant Pot that you can cook it in, and brown rice is good for you.

But, unless you plan on feeding your family brown rice every single day, it’s better to get the smaller box.

It will only last for 9 months in your pantry.

Beauty Products

Be careful when buying beauty products when you shop warehouse stores. If you’re like me, and you only put makeup on once a year, then you’re better off just grabbing a few items from Sephora.

Beauty products grow bacteria inside of the container and should be thrown out after six months. Don’t grab that tube of mascara that you haven’t worn since last year and start lengthening those lashes … unless you like having pinkeye.

What are your favorite items to buy when you shop warehouse stores?

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