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How To Leave Your Soul-Sucking Job And Start Your Own Business

I would venture a guess that you have spent at least one day this week starring off into space daydreaming about having more flexibility and freedom in your career.

I know I did!

Just about every day I would Google search “find my passion” – “work from home” – “what is my purpose”.

Obviously, Google had zero help for me. I mean, I did get plenty of search results to comb through. But, they were all crap and didn’t really check all of the boxes that I needed to be checked.

I needed a career that I could do from home.

Not just a job that made extra money on the side. But, a real grown-up career with a real grown-up paycheck.

I mean, I had kids to support and a husband who counted on me to bring in a substantial chunk of our monthly income.

All of these thoughts left me chained to my corporate desk for four years longer than I needed to be. In fact, it wasn’t until our infant son got RSV and needed to be taken out of daycare that I finally had the courage to quit my job.

From there, I scrambled to find a way to check all the boxes. Luckily, over about six years, I did find a way.

In this video, I’m going to teach you the four steps you need to follow to start your freelance business so you can leave your soul-sucking job.

No matter which type of freelance services you want to provide to your clients, these four steps will help you to start and grow your business so you can start making an income working from home.

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Finding work from home jobs can be a challenge. Sure, you can Google "how to work at home" and find a whole list of junk. But, where do you find the real jobs that will allow you to have an at-home career and make money online? Well, you create that at-home career for yourself and the steps in this post will tell you how! Quitting your full-time job so you can work from your home office and start an online business is a great way to have the flexibility and freedom that you want from your career.
When I started to look for work from home job opportunities, I ran into a whole bunch of nonsense about how to make money from home. There were tips and ideas for side-hustles and extra income but, I really needed an at-home career. I wanted to be able to work from my home office and have more control and flexibility when it came to who I worked for and how much money I made. So, I started my own online business. I know that sounds overwhelming but, it really can be drilled down into four simple steps and that is what I will teach you in this video!

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