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Work at Home Mom: Make Extra Money Teaching English

When I first left my 9-to-5 and became a work at home mom, I started small. I just focused on making extra income on the side.

Part of the reason for this was that my husband made enough to cover all of our bills, so long as we stuck to our budget and meal planning. But, the other part of it was because I had two young kids to take care of.

As my kids got older, and I had more time to focus on work, I expanded my work at home mom job duties and branched out into virtual assisting.

I felt better equipped to commit myself to clients and their work load. I knew that I had more time and patience to manage both the work at home mom job and mom duties.

That’s really the key to successfully being a work at home mom. You have to listen to yourself and respect your boundaries.

I am not a great mom of three. I was an excellent mom of one and pretty darn good with two. But, when that third one arrived, the s&%$ hit the fan and I’ve been treading water ever since.

Adding extra work stress on top of that would have been a complete disaster. No matter how much we needed the money or how much I really wanted to be contributing more. I knew that I needed to start small and grow my work at home mom job duties and my kids grew and I had more capacity.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways for you to be a work at home mom without all of the added stress of starting a business or growing a blog to a point of monetizing.

In fact, being a part-time virtual employee is a pretty sweet gig. As long as you are clean on what your monthly budget is and how much money you need to make. You can build your part-time work around that.

One job that is especially flexible and pays really well is teaching English online. I reached out to everyone I know who does this job and gathered everything that you need to know about this gig.

Hope this helps!

What kind of qualifications do I need to teach English online?

There are three companies that are legit and you should reach out to if you’re interested in this work at home mom gig;


Education First


All three of these companies require that you have the following qualifications:

  • You have experience working with children (babysitter, tutor, camp counselor, teacher, nanny, you have kids of your own, etc)
  • English is your native language
  • You have a Bachelor’s degree (in any subject from a US or Canadian university)
  • You have a quality internet connection and your computer has a microphone and webcam

One of the best things about teaching English online is that you DO NOT need to speak the language of your students. You only need to be a native English speaker.

For instance, the three companies that I listed above all work with students in China. However, as a teacher for any of these companies you would not need to speak Chinese – only English.

What does teaching English online pay?

Since this part-time job requires that you have a Bachelor’s degree, you can imagine that the pay would be pretty good.

In fact, the hourly rate will fall somewhere between $14 and $22! That’s a great income for something that you can do from home on your own schedule.

And, since you can set your own schedule, you can flex your hours of availability based on your schedule.

So, if your kids are away from the house for a summer day camp, you can work more hours and make more money for that family vacation.

Or, if your kids are school-aged but, they’re going to be home for spring break, you can reduce your hours of availability.

The point is, you’ve got a lot of flexibility. Some of the people that I know work full-time doing this and some work just a few hours per week.

At just 20 hours per week, you could make $1,700 per month. That might be your mortgage payment or a couple of car payments.

What hours are best for teaching English online?

Like I mentioned before, the three companies that I have researched and gotten references from people I trust about, all work with students in China.

That means, you need to take into consideration the time change and how many hours ahead China is from where you live.

There are “peak” hours for the students in China and, when you set your hours of availability during the peak hours, you are more likely to get scheduled with a student.

You can tell the company what your hours of availability are too. For any time of the day or night. And, the sessions are taught in 25 to 30 minute blocks. So, you can work in short bursts and then take a break to check in on anything around the house.

Now, let’s dive a little bit deeper into each of the companies that are legit for this type of work:


This company is by far the most highly recommended in all of my research. In fact, last year they were given the #1 spot on Forbes magazine’s “Top 100 Remote Work Companies Report”.

They’re kind of a big deal.

The cool thing is that, not only are they growing in popularity with remote workers, but they are also growing in popularity with students.

So, there is plenty of work to go around. VIPKID focuses on working with children between the ages of 4 and 12. And, they pay up to $22 per hour.

Again, you don’t have to be a teacher or have a Bachelor’s in teaching. In fact, VIPKID creates all of the lessons and the slide deck for you. Just bring your personality and your patience to the job and you’ll do great!

You can visit the VIPKID Blog for more information about what it’s like to teach English online. And, you can visit this page to apply.

Education First

Education First has actually been in the English online game for more than 50 years. They’ve got a great reputation and are the only English online company that is based in the US.

While they don’t pay as much as some of the others, they do pay $16 per hours, which is a great wage for a flexible part-time job.

You do need to have prior teaching experience to work for Education First. This would be something like tutoring, teaching, or mentoring and you need to have a Bachelor’s degree.

You can click here to learn more about working for Education First. And, click here to read more than 1,500 reviews about the company.


This is a really fun opportunity because QKids focuses on creating their lesson plans as games for the students to play.

They will put together all of your lesson plans and any visual materials for you and keep it all based on gameplay so that your students are engaged and having fun while they’re learning.

I don’t know about you but, as a homeschooling mom, anything that makes learning fun is good for everyone!

To learn more about working with QKids, you can click here.

Well, that’s all the info that I have about teaching English online from home. If you’re interested in doing this and want to know more from folks you have actually done it, I highly recommend that you join some Facebook groups for “mom entrepreneurs” or “boss moms” and ask in the group.

Even though those groups are for moms who are growing or running a business, chances are a lot of them started out like me doing something part-time on the side. They’ll have a ton of good feedback and tips for you!

Finding a work at home mom job can be tough. You need something that is flexible with good hours but, that also pays well. Designing a good work at home schedule and finding a place in your home that you can call your officer are just small pieces of the puzzle. The first piece is finding the right job! Some people jump right in and start an online business from their home. But, if you are looking for a work from home opportunity that is a little bit less stress, you might really enjoy teaching english online! In this post, I will tell you everything I know about how to get started! #workathome #workfromhome #workingathome #workingfromhome #wahmom #workathomemom #wahm
If you're ready to be a work at home mom but, you're having trouble figuring out how to get started, this post will help! For some people, transitioning to being a work at home mom is too overwhelming. There are so many things to figure out; your work at home schedule, where your home office will be, how to keep the kids busy during your working hours, how to keep the kids quiet during your working hours. It's a lot to think about! Having a job like teaching english online can make things a little bit easier. This job is super flexible, fun, and it pays well! In this post, I tell you everything that I know about how to be work from home mom teaching english online. #workathome #workfromhome #workingathome #workingfromhome #wahmom #workathomemom #wahm

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