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5 Important Steps That Successful Entrepreneurs Keep In Mind

Successful Entrepreneurs Didn’t Make It By Accident

How many times a day do you get bogged down by the overwhelming number of tasks on your list?

And, which part of your to-do list gets pushed further to the bottom?

Since you’re here reading this post I’m assuming it’s the ones related to your business goals.

Every month thousands of people start an online business … and every month thousands of online businesses fail..

The difference between an online business owner and a successful entrepreneur is that the entrepreneur has a plan

The good news for you (and for me) is that so many people have paved the way and learned all of the hard lessons already.

While there is value in making mistakes and learning lessons … it’s even better to learn from others’ mistakes and follow their tips for success.

Start Small

This one is music to my ears. Why? Because all I can really handle are small steps.

In fact, I am a master at small steps.

It used to be hard for me to understand how baby steps equaled progress. In fact, not realizing this actually kept me from becoming successful long before I could have.

When you’re at your day job, you have spans of time where you can work quietly and be focused on your project.

But, when you’re trying to grow a business in the hours before and after your day job, you’re relegated to random chunks of time throughout the day.

So, you’re really forced to work in baby steps.

You have to savor your moments and leverage your minutes – Jayleen Magill

Don’t resist this. Let it work for you. Consistent baby steps are foundational to growing a successful online business

Your mindset must be progress not perfection.

There will be days when you can only work on your business for an hour.

There will also be days when you have a list of things that you want to get done and the whole day goes down the drain for one reason or another

The key is to make sure that you always try again the next day. That you celebrate your wins and acknowledged the progress that you do make.

Those consistent little steps that you make every day will get you closer and closer to your goals and are the foundation for growing a successful online business.

Always Be Growing

No mom will ever say, “My kids are raised and they don’t need me to be their mom anymore “

It’s the same way for your business. Your business will never be grown to a point where it doesn’t need you. Yes, there are processes that you can automate so they run without needing your hands-on attention.

But, since the cornerstone of your business is “how can I help my audience”, you will always need to be present.

To be successful, you have to think of your business as an ever-evolving entity.  One that is always growing and expanding.

And one that always needs a bit of your attention

This is especially important and difficult in the beginning when you’re just starting to grow your audience and it feels like you’re talking to no one.

Don’t give up. Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle and think, “I’ve been working on this business for six months and I’m nowhere near as successful as she is!”

It isn’t a race. And, there isn’t a due date. The great thing about online business is that there is always some new way to grow.

But, you need your foundation and that takes effort and a commitment to make a little bit of progress each day.

Strive For More & Challenge Yourself

In the beginning, it feels like everything is a challenge. Learning about Facebook groups and how to master your Pinterest account for maximum page views.

The good news is, you don’t have to do it all at once.

Instead, set short-term and long-term goals.

Make the long-term goals a bit bigger because you have more time to reach them. Make those the goals that really push you out of your comfort zone and get you inspired.

Your short-term goals should be those that you can drill down into actual tasks and then add those tasks to your daily calendar.

When I first started in online business, my goal was to make 5-figures a month by the time I was 40. Now, I have changed the goal to be making high 5-figures per month by the time I’m 40. I just turned 38 so I only have 24-months to reach that goal.

Having those big goals raises the bar and forces you to be better. As you get your foundation and your business gains traction, start adding a few tasks to your weekly list that will help you get to those big goals.

And, every time you reach a big goal, make a new one that is even bigger!

Celebrate Your Wins

This was something that I didn’t really see the value of when I first started my business. It didn’t make sense to me to ‘celebrate’ that I posted on my blog four days per week for a month. That didn’t seem BIG enough to warrant a celebration.

But, you know what is BIG?

The amount of effort and dedication that it took me to write and publish those four posts. I homeschool three kids and run a full-time business … writing a text message takes a lot of effort!

Not celebrating my small wins was very detrimental to my confidence too.

I didn’t document my little victories along the way. So, it was easy for me to get really depressed about how little I was accomplishing.

I felt like, if I wasn’t getting five new clients a month, then what was the point?

Don’t skip this step.

Get a journal and, every night before you go to bed, write down your wins for the day. And, when you start to lose your confidence and think, “I’m just going to go and get a real job” – read your journal.

Acknowledge everything that you have accomplished to that point. Realize what you are capable of. Celebrate the energy, patience, and dedication that it took for you to accomplish those wins.

Get centered and get back to pushing those goals forward.

Remember Your “Why”

No one just decides they are going to grow a business during the hours before and after work without some serious passion fueling them.

Remember that day when you were sitting at your desk at work thinking, “Why am I even here right now? I should be spending quality time with my family. I want to do something that matters. Something that makes me feel alive”

All of those feelings, that you had for much longer than most people even know about, are the reason that you started this journey.

The desire to set your own schedule, make as much money as you want, spend as much time with your family as possible – each of those things brought you to where you are now.

Stay connected to those feelings – that dream.

Pema Chodron says, “Only to the extent that we expose ourselves over and over to complete annihilation can that which is indestructible in us be found”

In other words, the days that make you feel completely defeated and overwhelmed are all contributing to you becoming indestructible. Failure is a good thing. Feeling defeated forces you to adapt and start again.

But, you have to keep trying. To keep exposing yourself to annihilation. To wake up every day and make progress.

You have to show up.

That is why it’s so essential to stay connected to why you started this journey. Only those feelings are going to motivate you to willingly expose yourself again and again.

Make sure you are showing up for yourself and your business. Every. Day. Even if only for 15-minutes, that is one 15-minute task closer to your goals.

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