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11 Ways To Minimize Clutter So You Don’t Lose Your Mind

I love watching shows about real-life. Not The Bachelor or Real Housewives of Atlanta kind of “real-life” but, shows like Intervention and My 600 lb life. One of my absolute favorite shows is Hoarders.

I start each episode with so much hope for the person being featured. I cross my fingers that they will accept the help being offered to them and really change their lives.

It’s so obvious that none of them like the way that they are living. But, life has been tough on them and they just need to learn a new way to approach it.

Hoarders is especially interesting to me because it’s a great reminder of just how thin that line is between having a “messy” house and being buried in your own stuff.

Cleaning sucks but, having a clean house is lovely

By now you know that I hate cleaning. My dream is to have a housekeeper who comes a few times a week and deep cleans my house so I don’t ever have to touch another toilet brush.

Hubs is pretty good about doing his share of the maintenance housework. He’s way more of a “clean freak” and, when the house is cluttered, he gets a little nutty.

I get it though. I’m not nearly as sensitive to the disarray as he is but, I do feel much better when I can walk into a clean kitchen and get my coffee at 6 am.

I’m definitely not the wife who mops every day (or even once a week) but, I do make an effort to make sure that things don’t get too far out of control.

There are days when I leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight, and I’m totally okay with that.

Working full-time, raising kids, AND doing housework … what am I, a cyborg!?

When it comes to prioritizing my time and the tasks that I have to get done in a day … housework is definitely at the bottom of the list.

Working full-time means that I’ve got about seven hours a day already spoken for.

Then, it’s time to take the kids to their various activities and appointments. We get home around 7 pm and it’s time to make dinner, get baths, pajamas and bed.

After all of that, if there’s a pile of laundry on the couch that needs to be folded … I might just scoot it over and make room to sit down and watch Jessica Jones on Netflix.

Obviously, I don’t want to end up on an episode of Hoarders. But, I also don’t think it’s necessary for the house to always be completely spotless. I feel like, in our home, there is a family of five people living there and it’s okay if it shows.

Get your systems in place, minimize clutter

I have found the key to maintaining this happy-medium of somewhat clean but, not toothbrush to the crown-molding clean is to be very strategic about the systems that we use to keep the house tidy.

In other words, if the bathroom doesn’t have any storage and there is always a mess of stuff cluttering up the sink area, add some shelves to the wall, put some bins under the sink, and install an over the toilet storage cabinet.

There are a lot of ways to set the house up so it’s “easier” to maintain the clutter. I put together a list of a few things that looked good to me (and, I use some of these too).

Unconventional Storage

Keep your eyes peeled for storage in unexpected places. It’s so easy to forget that the area under each bed can be maximized as the perfect storage space. Adding a shelf over the bathroom door is the perfect place to keep extra rolls of toilet paper or bottles of shampoo. And, putting a shoe storage system over the door in your pantry will free up so much space on the shelves!

minimize clutterFound from: Ikea

Multifunctional Furniture

Create multiple uses for your furniture to maximize space. If you have a home office/bedroom – choose a desk that can also function as a dresser or a vanity. In the living room choose ottomans that have lids and can be used as storage boxes or a sofa bed that can fold out for company.


minimize clutterFound from: Blue Door Living

Multi-purpose Mirrors

Invest in pieces that are versatile and can be used for storage. Mirrors are great for making rooms look bigger. Plus, they’re super handy for checking out your look before you leave the house 🙂 But, if you don’t have wall space, a standing mirror can use up valuable floor space in your bedroom or hallway. So, make sure to choose mirrors that can be used for more than just seeing your gorgeous reflection


minimize clutterFound from: Amazon

DIY Pieces That Expand

Shop for or create pieces that can grow with you. Pegboards are awesome because you can easily move the pegs around to fit your storage needs as they change. Plus, they’re super cheap to make and you can paint them to match your decor and look amazing.


minimize clutterFound from: The Merry Thought

Use Greenery To Add Life

Add greenery to your home and bring life to your white decor. A big fear some people have when it comes to minimizing clutter is that their home will look sterile and they won’t have a comfy space. But, I guarantee you, if you replace the items that you minimize with a plant or two, your home will be minimized AND stunning.


minimize clutterFound from: The Design Chaser

Drawer Dividers Are A Must!

The drawers in my kitchen and my bathrooms are a virtual clearing house for all things that just don’t have an obvious home. The problem is, these drawers get so filled with ‘stuff’, I can’t find anything when I open them up. The answer? Add dividers! When you put dividers in your drawers the little cubes lends themselves to this unspoken rule that ‘like goes with like’. In other words, if there are four sections – you would keep all of the rubber bands in one section, all of the batteries in another, etc.


minimize clutterFound from: Nouvelle

Labels Are Essential!

When you open the door to a closet, cupboard or pantry in your home and you see containers with labels on them – you’re not going to just throw the item that you have in your hand anywhere. You’re going to check the labels to see if that item matches any of them. If it doesn’t, you’ll find another place for it. Labels make boundaries for the ‘stuff’ in your home and, if you don’t have a place for it, you probably don’t need it.


minimize clutterFound from: The Creativity Exchange

Maximize Your Closets

Not all closets come with awesome built-ins or installed closet systems. In that case, it’s important to add some organization yourself to keep things minimized and decluttered. Make sure to maximize the wall space in any closet for hanging clothes. The more that you can hang up – the less you need to put in a dresser and that means less work.


minimize clutterFound from: Live The Emma

Home Office Declutter


minimize clutterFound from: The Beauty Dojo

Storage In Your Furniture

Use organizing furniture for items you use daily. Having an end table in the living room that has a built-in storage box or drawer is great for keeping things like the remote control, coasters, kid activities, etc is a great way to keep the living room decluttered.


minimize clutterFound from: Amazon

One Set Of Everything

It can be enticing to buy several sets of dishes, silverware, utensils, towels, etc. But, when you really think about it, you only need one set of everything for each person in your household. One set of dishes and silverware for each person is plenty – you just have to wash the items after each use **oh the horror!!**


minimize clutterFound from: Amazon






Clutter can quickly lead to a really messy house. There's something about a room being cluttered that steals all of the motivation to clean it. But, keep the clutter down is not has hard as it sounds. These tips can help!
I work from home with two of my three kids home with me. I don't have extra time to clean. So, I have to make sure and minimize clutter with some create storage solutions. These are some of my favorites!
The key to keeping a clean house with only a small amount of time is to keep the clutter to a minimum. Now, to do that with a family of five, you have to implement some creative storage practices. These are a few of my favorite!

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