10 Go-To Style Tips For Home Decor Idiots (Like Me!)

Creating a cozy home can come in many different forms. But, one of my favorite to research and try it is by using complementing colors that feel soft and inviting. This color palette is so beautiful and could easily be expanded on in a farmhouse or a contemporary style home. In either case – these colors and textures will immediately make a cozy home for you and your family.

Copper Finish Deer Head Wall Decor

This might feel like a masculine piece when you first look at it but, you could easily hang necklaces or scarves to make it a little softer. You could also use it for a hanging flower pot or indoor plant to make the room cozier

Found from: Dinazah

Umbra Trigg Wall Vessel

These are all great pieces for adding some of the copper coloring but, also for making the room feel cozier. When you add a mirror or a plant to any room in your home – you immediately make the space feel inviting and safe to anyone who comes in.

Found from: Umbra

Hand Woven Natural Area Rug

The colors and the fibers in this rug are really rustic but, paired with a navy or blush accent the rug suddenly becomes a nice place to sit down and play a board game or read a book.

 Found from: Safavieh

Chest Of Drawers

The light color of the wood on this dresser is perfect for this color palette. It immediately lends itself to pairing with the navy blue to create a very soft environment to relax and curl up. Adding something like this to your bedroom would really improve the ambiance and help the room to feel cozier.

Found from: Oak Studio Designs

Luxury Chenille Throw

Chenille will always make a space cozier but, this throw especially because of the chunky knit and the bulk of the yarn that was used. Just looking at it – you know that it is warm, soft, and oh-so cozy! Pair this with some blush colored throw pillows on a navy recliner or sofa and you’ve got a perch for the entire fall and winter!

Found from: J&M Home Fashions

Diamond Ikat Pillow

You could easily build an entire room around this one pillow. The colors and the design are perfect for this palette that creates a warm and cozy environment to spend time in. Whether you wanted to do this in your living room, bedroom, or maybe just a sitting nook in your house – start with this pillow and you can’t go wrong!

Found from: Lovepillow

Bedside Alarm Clock

Remember that amazing chest of drawers that we talked about? Add this to the top of it with a geometric copper terrarium and a lamp with a blush-colored shade and you’ve got a gorgeous space in your bedroom that will make things feel so inviting and cozy!

Found from: Hense

Mongolian Faux Fur Pillow

This one is a no-brainer! The texture and the color of this pillow are AH-mazing … how could you NOT want to add this to your bed or sofa!? Imagine the natural rug, a navy ottoman for relaxing or extra seating, and this adorable pink pillow … your living is already cozier just with those three things!

Found from: Ojia

Glass Jewelry Box

This little box is so stinkin’ cute! I know it says “jewelry” box but I was even thinking it could be used in the bathroom for q-tips or in the kitchen for gathering extra change that collects in the junk drawer – or, even in the office for your paper clips or thumb tacks! The point is, you could use this little box anywhere in your home that needs a pop of copper!

Found from: Beautify

Jasmine and Gardenia Candle

Having a beautifully scented candle burning is a great way to make your home cozier. And, having that candle be in a gorgeous copper holder is even better!

Found from: La Jolie Muse




I love the way that a clean house looks when it has beautiful home decor. Unfortunately, I don't like cleaning and I have no idea how to properly decorate a room. So, I have gathered this list for help!

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